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QUESTION –  How can I open an account?

Ans –  Use (Demo Account) Button (Open Live Account) Button

QUESTION- How much time will it take to open an account?

Ans – It hardly takes 3 minutes to register a fresh account. On registration, a client gets an email along with the login credentials.

QUESTION – Which documents are required to open an account?

Ans – You need to send us a copy of your ID card or valid passport as proof of your identity along with the latest image. You also have to give proof of residence such as utility bill (water, gas or electricity) but it should not be older than six months. We also accept the bank statement that contains your address, as a proof of residence.

QUESTION – Can I open an account and make the deposit without sending my documents?

Ans – Yes, you can do this. But, you have to send your documents when you want to withdrawal.

QUESTION – Can I open more than one trading account?

Ans – Yes, it is possible.

QUESTION – What account currencies are available?

Ans – JPY, CHF, USD, EUR, and GBP are the available account currencies.

QUESTION – Can I get a swap-free account?

Ans – Yes, you can request for it by sending an email to us.

QUESTION – Which software do I need to download to begin trading?

Ans – For Meta Trader 5 and MetaTrader 4, simply log in to the Members Area and navigate “Trading Tools”, after this access “Downloads”. For Mobile Platforms, you can access the section named “Mobile Platforms”.

QUESTION – How can I add funds to my account?

Ans – You can add funds by logging in Members Area by selecting the “Deposit/Withdraw” menu.

QUESTION – How to change the account details (such as currency base, account type or leverage)?

Ans – You can change such information by accessing the Members Area under “Change Account”.

QUESTION – What to do in case I forgot my password?

Ans – Access Members Area and click the “Forgot your password” option and then you will automatically get a new password.

QUESTION – Can I get a sub-account?

Ans – You can get it by logging to Member Area and then click on “My Account”. There is a wide range of options available, and also “Sub-account”.

QUESTION – What is the minimum deposit for MasterECNfx?

Ans – our lowest deposit begins at $500.

QUESTION – For how long can I use the Demo account?

Ans – There is no expiry date for Demo account.

QUESTION – What spreads are provided at MasterECNfx?

Ans – It offers variable tight spreads.

QUESTION – Does MasterECNfx close my open position and place orders when someone is offline?

Ans – MasterECNfx does not interact with the trades of clients. A client’s position does not get lost when he/she is offline as trading carry on without any interruption on the trading server.

QUESTION – Where do MasterECNfx keep client’s funds?

Ans – These are being kept in segregated accounts in the leading-tier global banks.

QUESTION – Is my money safe?

Ans – MasterECNfx guarantees that client’s money is protected as we are a member of the Investor Compensation Fund. The account of each and every client is kept separate from the Company’s personal accounts. MasterECNfx is being under the authorization and regulation of CySec (Cyprus Securities and Exchange Commission).

QUESTION – Is there any risk of losing more money than I deposit?

Ans –  No, there is no risk of losing more money than you invest with MasterECNfx as we offer a Stop Out standard of 10%.

QUESTION – What are the deposit/withdrawal options?

Ans – At MasterECNfx, we offer a complete range of deposit/withdrawal possibilities. These are designed to let your account funding procedure. You can visit the funding page to have a look at the deposit/withdrawal options.

QUESTION – In case my withdrawal amount is greater than the deposited one through debit/credit card, how can I withdraw it?

Ans – The amount more than the deposited amount can be withdrawn through various available methods given by MasterECN.

QUESTION – Can I lose more money than I deposited?

Ans – No, you will never lose more money than you invested as MasterECNfx offers a Stop Out level of 10%

QUESTION – How much time the funds will take to arrive into my bank account?

Ans – The deposit/withdrawal process generally takes around 48 hours. But, the bank wire transfer may take around 5 working days.

QUESTION –  In case I deposit the funds via Skrill, can I get money to my credit card?

Ans –  Normally, withdrawing and depositing methods are desirable to be similar to offer the security to transactions.

QUESTION –  Can I transfer funds from my trading account to someone else’s trading account?

Ans – Due to security purposes, transfer of money to and from third-party accounts is not allowed at MasterECNfx.

QUESTION –  Do MasterECNfx charge additional fees and commissions?

Ans – We do not charge any additional fees and commissions from our clients. you can access account comparison for detailed information on accounts.

QUESTION – Does MasterECNfx let use Expert Advisors?

Ans – Yes, all trading platforms of MasterECNfx support Expert Advisors.

QUESTION –  Can I change the time zone on your trading platforms?

Ans – No, it can’t be changed by you. The time zone on our platform shows the Time zone of MaterECNfx trading servers i.e. GMT+2.

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