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International Forex trading simply get quicker

Forex Trading has gone through an amazing evolution. Today, electronic financial marketplaces are becoming extensively competitive. To meet the demands of the changing environment, innovative electronic systems and approaches are excellent just like the infrastructure on which they are executed.

MasterECNfx  – An Evolution in Forex Trading Global electronic financial markets are becoming increasingly competitive. In such an environment, electronic trading systems and strategies are only as good as the infrastructure upon which they execute.

Introducing the Equinix New York (NY4) Facility

Under NY4 center of Equinix, MasteECNfx partakes in the Equinix Financial exchange, a system of execution venues to sell or buy firms and performing bank trading servers which are positioned at high-performance data centers of Equinix. Equinix Financial Exchange facilitates MasterEXNfx to access extensive options of low –latency networks, along with the facility to openly exchange data with the customers and strategic partners in the close proximity.

Explore the Equinix NY4 Facility

Equinix NY4 has Equinix’s financial ecosystem in its store. It features more than 60 trading platforms and exchanges, above 675 network bandwidth options, 150 plus financial service providers, more than 400 sell and buy firms. Video Courtesy of Equinix.com

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