(Multi Account Manager)

Only a professional money manager can understand the significance of partnering with reputed and reliable forex broker to direct the execution on accounts! With a verified track record of operating with PAMM/MAM account managers on our top-notch trading conditions and infrastructure, MasterECNfx is really a trustworthy option.

This particular software allows money managers to simply send trades from a master account or a centralized hub to sub-account. The flexibility feature of this platform has made it popular throughout the world. It offers a wide range of allocation methods, percentile methods, and manual lot size etc.

Besides this, MAM module of MasterECNfx can access user-friendly interface in the limits of our proprietary Secure Client Area which offers extended improved visibility and flexibility.

Method to become an investor

Way to invest in a MAM account

How to become a master?

Successful and experienced Fore trader can now try out hand on managing MAM account! Enjoy trade and get compensation from your investors for the profitable trading.

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