(Profit Allocation Money Management)

PAMM is an innovative technology that enables a follower (client) to follow a trading approach of another client or you can say, master. Through PAMM, Master operates his/her personal funds. This particular technology can also replicate the Master’s trading strategy on the Follower’s account.

The funds allotted for PAMM trading keep on the Follower’s or Master’s trading account, but isolated from other funds and can’t be used for the trading purpose except for PAMM. With the virtual integration of Follower’s and Master’s funds, same trading conditions are to be applied to each and every PAMM participant.

How To Become Investors

No worries if you don’t have an adequate understanding of how to trade on the Forex market or ample time for doing it, simply select a PAMM account and get ready to use PAMM portfolio for investing your funds. Even you can withdraw your funds at any time as prospective profit is unobstructed.

How to invest in a PAMM account

How To Become Master?

Successful and experienced ForeX trader can now try out hand on managing PAMM account! Enjoy trade and get compensation from your investors for the profitable trading.

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